Your Gifts At Work


With the help of our donors, the Smithsonian Institution is providing unforgettable experiences to millions of visitors each year as we expand our knowledge and solve some of the world's most pressing problems.

Donor Stories

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Gary and Marie Thunem

Gary Thunem grew up on a farm in northeastern Montana on The Fort Peck Reservation, home to the Assiniboine and Sioux nations. “I would go play on the prairie and come across relics like buffalo horns, arrow heads, and wagon-train ruts,” he said. “I was always interested in learning more about their history.”
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Open Doors, Endless Opportunities

Dr. Soumyo Moitr

For nearly 50 years, Dr. Soumyo Moitra has visited the Smithsonian, exploring the galleries and gardens and taking in the art, history, culture, science, and technology that is freely accessible to all.
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A Commitment to Conservation and Collective Action

Anne Page Chiapella

Anne Page Chiapella is an avid traveler, but no mere tourist. Her trips involve international conservation service work, and at home, she’s a dedicated National Zoo volunteer. In establishing charitable gift annuities, she is giving back to the Smithsonian and opening its doors to all.
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Making Their Mark

Tom and Mary Evelyn Tielking

Books and libraries have been central to the lives of Mary Evelyn and Tom Tielking. Learn about how their gift to the Smithsonian Libraries and Archives means more access to these collections for all.
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Making a World of Difference Through Education

Bonnie and Jere Broh-Kahn

Meet Bonnie and Jere Broh-Kahn, who are inspired to give generously to the Smithsonian because of their own love of learning and a lifetime of wonderful experiences with us.
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Glen and Susan Rainsley Establish Charitable Gift Annuities

Glen and Susan Rainsley

The Rainsleys have a passion for education and believe everyone should have equitable access to it. That’s why they are using a unique gift to ensure continued access to knowledge at the Smithsonian.
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Igniting Discovery through Digital Media

Bradford Benn

Bradford Benn has been visiting the Smithsonian since he was a child. His endowed gift ensures children (and adults) will have the opportunity to learn and explore the National Air and Space Museum for years to come.
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Face Time: Telling America's Story in Portrait Mode

Fred Voss

Fred Voss worked at the National Portrait Gallery for over 30 years. His dedication to the Smithsonian lives on in a gift he made to grow and expand the Gallery's collection.
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Knowledge Begins in Wonder

Ed Fishwick

Ed Fishwick made a gift in his will to further Smithsonian's mission to inform and inspire.
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Gift Inspired by Smithsonian Magazine

Charles and Helen Moriyama

While reading Smithsonian Magazine, couple discovers a gift that pays them income for life.
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Supporting the Next Frontier

Wesley and Linda Patterson

Gifts from Linda Patterson—an important member of NASA's history—and her husband, Wesley, recognize "what a small blue dot we inhabit."
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Building On the Past to Foster Future Art Appreciation

Charles Robertson

Endowing future exhibitions is part of donor Charles Robertson's thank you to the museums', "freedom of exploration, scholarship, and admission."
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Bringing Historic Planes Back Into the Spotlight

Ed Sachtleben

"I attended a behind-the-scenes tour of the National Air and Space Museum's restoration and storage facility and was amazed by how much of the collection was not on exhibit," says donor Edward Sachtleben. By designating a gift through his IRA, Edward will ensure that future visitors have a great view.
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Impact Stories

Historic Spacesuit Among Moon Landing Display Items

Neil Armstrong's spacesuit from the historic moon landing is on display at The National Air and Space Museum for the first time in 13 years.
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New Major Exhibit Explores the Earth's Distant Past...and Future

Grand displays—skeletal remains of a T. Rex attacking a triceratops—and interactive opportunities with working paleontologists highlight the newest exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History. Supporters like you make it possible.
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