Gift Inspired by Smithsonian Magazine

While Reading Smithsonian Magazine, Couple Discovers a Gift That Pays Them Income for Life_

Charles and Helen Moriyama

Charles and Helen Moriyama

When Charles and Helen Moriyama first moved to Washington, D.C., Helen worked in the personnel department at the Smithsonian. Throughout her time as a Smithsonian employee, Helen recalls walking by the Castle in awe each day and taking behind-the-scene tours of the National Museum of Natural History while her friends assembled exhibitions.

Now, the Moriyamas visit the Castle and its gardens as Smithsonian Legacy Society members.

For years, they enjoyed the Smithsonian Magazine. It was an advertisement for charitable gift annuities that inspired them to make a planned gift.

Charles explains that charitable gift annuities are a great way to share their assets with the Smithsonian Institution while receiving income for life. Their gift to the Smithsonian has been designated for several museums and to help visitors understand the Japanese-American experience, a cause close to their hearts. They chose to make a gift to the Smithsonian because of their fondness for the institution, and the stability of investing in an institution that is truly American.

"Our charitable gift annuities help the Smithsonian tell the story of our generation and ancestry," says Charles.

Your Opportunity

You, too, can create a legacy at the Smithsonian. Find out how you can receive income for life through a charitable gift annuity by calling the Smithsonian Legacy Society line toll-free at 888-419-7584.